Meet Coach Katherine

Meet Coach Katherine

Katherine Walters is a relationship coach who works with clients to help them improve their relationships and transform their lives, whether they want to evolve one of their current relationships to a healthier, happier form or whether they want to attract a new, meaningful relationship into their life.

Katherine knows that you are unique and gifted and are here to thrive as the best version of yourself. She also believes that we excel individually and collectively in relationship with each other. She would love to guide you on your journey; and she will hold the high watch with you and for you as you lean into your transformation.

Katherine has transformed her own life using the tools in Katherine Woodward Thomas’ two best-selling books, and she continues to use these tools, which complement her spiritual practice. Katherine is certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas to coach you through both of her transformative programs: Conscious Uncoupling TM and Calling in “The One” TM.

Katherine holds both a masters and bachelor degree. Before being introduced to Conscious Uncoupling (which led to her career change after transforming her personal life), she served several years in the United States Army and also worked in both public and private practice as a Certified Public Accountant. 

Outside of her passion of coaching, Katherine loves being a mom, living life to its fullest, breaking through barriers and limitations, and life-long learning. She would love to work with you. 


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